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The Fat Birder
A beautifully organized and constantly updated collection of web links to every imaginable bird or birding related topic. Massive amounts of original material as well.

Denis Lepage's Bird Links to the World

Pelagic and Seabirding Stuff

Seabird and Forage Fish Research in Alaska web site is jam packed with interesting information and photos. There are a number of on-line essays introducing the basics of marine ecology; forage fish (prey base for many marine mammals and birds) biology; seabirds found in Alaskan waters and so on. There is also an extensive collection of links to other sites dealing with seabirds, oceanography and marine weather. The site is maintained by John Piatt of the USGS. Check it out!

Short-tailed Albatross site Tracee Geernaert of the International Pacific Halibut Commission has put together a very interesting and comprehensive collection of recent Short-tailed Albatross sightings from the North Pacific. Includes 9 photos of Short-tailed Albatrosses (various ages) taken at sea. One can only dream!

Tony Palliser's Pelagic Page A really superb site with many outstanding shots of Australian seabirds as well as a couple of shorebirds. Check out the last picture of Long-tailed Skua/Jaeger - what a beauty! There are many great images like this one. Site also includes quiz birds, comprehensive listings of past pelagic trip reports from various locations in Australia, and finally details of upcoming trips.

Brian Patteson's 'Seabirding Pelagic Trips' Great collection of images of pelagic species, the vast majority taken by Brian in or near the Gulf Stream off the coasts of Virginia and North Carolina. Check out Brian's unparalleled collection of Bermuda and Fea's Petrels shots, as well as US megararities such as Black-browed Albatross, Swinhoe's Storm-petrel and Cape Verde Shearwater.

Westport Seabird Offshore Trips Details of upcoming trips with Terry Wahl to the Continental shelf and Grays Canyon off Washington State.

Shearwater Journeys Homepage for Debra Love Shearwater's California-based pelagic trips, with archive of past trip reports, details of upcoming trips off Northern California. Check out the photos of the recent Californian records of Great-winged and Bulwer's Petrels.

Oregon Pelagic Trips Archive of past trip reports, details of upcoming trips. Photos of a number of pelagic species.

Mitch Heindel has posted a number of seabird photos take off southern California. The shots of aberrant (leucistic) Black-vented Shearwaters are particularly interesting. (Added 10 Oct 2000)

Alabama Pelagic Birding Steve McConnell's guide to pelagic birding off the state of Alabama. Archive of past records, collection of seabirds photos and discussion of potential additions to the state list.

Puffin Trips in Maine, USA Details of trips to view Atlantic Puffins and other alcids on Machias Seal Island, Maine.

Pelagic Trips off New England, USA Emmalee Tarry's summary of Brookline Bird Club Pelagic Trips.

New Zealand Offshore trips Details of seabirding trips from the South Island of New Zealand. Photos of several tubinares.

Seabirds and Whales of Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico John Sevenair's collection of pictures from deep water trips out of Venice LA. The Leach's Storm-petrel and Long-tailed Jaeger are little hard to ID from the pictures.

Recent posts to the Seabird Listserve

Recent posts to the Pelagics Listserve

Marine Mammals

Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation (whaleresearch.org) web site. Check out this cool new site which includes some fantastic underwater digital video images of Densebeaked Whales (Mesoplodon densirostris) taken off the Bahamas. (Added 21 Dec 99)

Marine Mammal Net, Marine mammal fans will also want to check out this growing family of websites dedicated to providing accurate, up-to-date information about the science and conservation of marine mammals. Member sites include the International Marine Mammal Association (IMMA) web site which is full of information and links about marine mammal conservation; the oddly named @phocoena.org, an internet site dedicated to conservation of porpoises and other small cetaceans (the article by Heather Koopman on the physiology and function of blubber is well worth reading.). (Added 21 Dec 99)

Rodrigo Hucke-Gaete's Marine Mammal web page has many links to seal and cetacean related material. Rodrigo is a student at the Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile. The Conservation Status of Small Cetaceans in Southern South America web page for example, reviews the problems faced by small cetaceans with special emphasis on Chile. Text is accompanied by a number of illustrations.
Monterey Bay Whale Watch. Excellent web site focusing on whale and dolphin watching in California's Monterey Bay. Lots of photos, special features and detailed summaries of recent marine mammal observations.

The Whitehead Whale Research Lab Lab page for Hal Whitehead's research group at Dalhousie University, Canada. Good coverage of recent literature in cetacean behavioural ecology and population biology.

NERC Sea Mammals Research Unit Homepage Newly relocated research unit now at the University of St Andrews on the east coast of Scotland. Links to information about marine mammals (dolphins, whales and seals) around the world. Emphasis on the use of telemetry to follow and study pelagic mammals.

Pelagic Fish

Ian Fergusson's Great White Shark Page A very detailed and thoughtful review of Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) biology and conservation. Fergusson ends by saying "This is not a fish to be underestimated. It is neither a bloodthirsty, mindless killer nor a playful, good-natured puppy-dog. It is a sentient, intelligent predator deserving of our rational respect like any other potentially lethal animal. For confirmation of this, ask any fur seal...".

Mediterranean Shark Site Packed with very current information about sharks. Includes discussion of identification, reports of rare species and all the latest news about shark conservation. Includes links to The Shark Trust.

The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation Interesting guide to open water sharks of the Pacific. Several of these are regularly encountered on pelagic birding trips.

Gadus Associates Index of Fisheries Associated Links An immense site dedicated to the science of Marine and Commercial Fishing. Includes links to marine conservation sites, Ichthyology databases and shipping-related sites. Run by Gadus Associates of Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bird Identification and Image collections

Surfbird.com, an exciting new birding web site created by Martin Birch, Ken Arber, Andy Birch, Cin-Ty Lee and Brian Small. This fledgling site is already packed with interesting features on bird idenfication, European and North American rarities, original artwork etc. (Added 10 July 2000)

ID-FRONTIERS Major discussion forum for serious bird ID enthusiasts. An absolute must! Managed by Will Russell.

Seabird Identification

Tony Palliser's Pelagic Page Fantastic images of many southern ocean seabirds.

Brian Patteson's Site Lots of great pictures with special emphasis on those rarely photographed.

Nova Scotia's Fea's Petrel Sascha Hooker's superb photos of Canada's first Fea's Petrel off Sable Island.

Japanese Alcid Society Information and pictures about Japanese Murrelet and Spectacled Guillemot. Unfortunately, the English version is not finished yet. Very attractive line drawings in the logo.

Gull Identification

Martin Reid's Gull Pages Very cool site, with a lot of gulls! Perhaps the most extensive collection of original material on the web. Detailed analysis to accompany many of the pictures and creative use of high-resolution zooms. Keep checking back for updates, as Martin is continuously adding to his material. His home page with non-gull links (e.g. South American species, Masked Booby, Martin's local patch in Fort Worth, Texas, etc) is here.

Norwegian Gull page A growing collection of predominantly European species. Most images are from Norway or neighbouring Scandinavian countries. Includes some nice shots of birds in the hand (e.g. nominate Iceland Gull), showing specific feather details. This well-designed site has been put together by Frode Falkenberg, using work by various photographers.

Japanese Gull Site Home of Osao Ujihara and Michiaki Ujihara, author/artists of the excellent, but hard to obtain, "Japanese Gull Guide". Unfortunately the main text of this extensive web site is in Japanese, however, photograph captions are generally in English with dates and locality. In summary, this site represents the most comprehensive collection of asiatic gull photos on the web and includes an amazing number of outstanding rarities for Japan.

Bob Lewis's Gull Site Focuses on the identification of the larger gull species, especially the fascinating Larus argentatus/fuscus/cachinnans supergroup. Also a good number of 'mystery' birds here.

Steve Hampton and Don DesJardin's Gull Site Fantastic collection of images gleaned from Don and many other sources. Also mystery birds and a database of plumage descriptions. Links to an index of grey color based on the Munsell Scale for use when discussing mantle shade on gulls.

Rudy Offereins' Gull index Dutch site with a good collection of Pontic Gull (L. cachinnans) and Yellow-legged Gull (L. michahellis) photos.

The Yukon Gullery Dedicated to larids seen in the Yukon, Canada. A good number of interesting images including juvenile Ross's Gull.

Gulls, Gulls, Gulls... Jill Mains provides a number of links to gull related sites.

Jim Bangma's Gull Page Small collection of interesting gull pictures. The various Herring Gull types photographed in India are especially useful.

Greg Lasley's Site Fast growing collection of gulls here.

Gulls of Ohio Vic Fazio III's collection of gull photos taken in Ohio, USA. Check out the rest of this large site as well - there are plenty of other useful images including a very nice set of Ohio State rarities.

Finnish Siberian and Yellow-legged Gull pictures Harry Lehto's collection of photos from the Oulu Rubbish Tip, Finland taken in June 1997.

Yellow-legged Gull in Newfoundland Bruce Mactavish and Dave Fifield provide a detailed description and a comprehensive set of images of a probable adult Yellow-legged Gull found in St John's Newfoundland, Canada in Feb. 1997. A great example of the careful documentation required for these difficult species.

Gulls from Bahrain Howard King's collection of Yellow-legged Gull types (perhaps Siberian Gull, Larus heuglini?) from the Askar Landfill in Bahrain in the Middle East. Check out his main site as well.

Bird Identification Literature

Bird identification literature Sorted compilation by Dan Singer and hosted by Joe Morlan - an excellent resource

Eastern US-related ID articles and notes Articles collected by the Maryland/District of Columbia Records Committee to assist with past and future deliberations.

Recent Ornithological Literature 'The Auk', 'The Emu' and 'The Ibis' no longer publish a hard copy version of this list but it will remain available on-line.

Systematics and Taxonomy

Don Roberson's Creagrus Page The beginnings of a fabulous resource, featuring a database of the Bird families of the World, plus a variety of bird Identification and distribution features.

Albatross Taxonomy Summary of current views of Albatross taxonomy.

Shorebirds or Waders

StintFan - Homepage for shorebirders An excellent Japanese-based site dedicated to calidrid shorebirds. Superb photos of asiatic and North American species, many as rarities to Japan. Includes such delights as Spoon-billed Sandpiper. Unfortunately limited use of English text at the moment, however the photos themselves are labeled with species location and date. This site should prove an extremely useful reference source.

Gallinago@web This curious name says it all! Unparalleled collection of gallinaceous snipe occuring in Japan. The quality of the photos is astounding!

The Shorebird Watcher Dick & Jean Hoffman's comprehensive site. In particular, you might want to try the shorebird Quiz

North American Shorebirds Interesting distribution maps.

Migration Studies

trans-Gulf migration page. A great site run by Bob Russell of the Louisiana State University's Museum of Natural Science (LSUMNS), under the sponsorship of the Minerals Management Service. Dedicated to the study of bird migration across the Gulf of Mexio, focusing on observations made from oil platforms. There is a lot of migration data including dramatic accounts of major migration days as well as photos of the oil platforms, exhausted migrants, even the official counters themselves. Many links to other migration related sites. Check back for weekly summaries of the up-coming fall migration.


Birdlife International Seabird Conservation Programme web site. Nice review of the threats to seabirds and various conservation efforts. Lots of links. Also check out Birdlife International's World Birdwatch - Seabird Special Edition. There are several interesting articles on seabird conservation and a number of great photos.

The Albatross Project A fun site that introduces younger readers to the extraordinary oceanic wanderings of Albatrosses through Satellite tracking projects. Focuses on Hawaiian Black-footed and Laysan Albatrosses and the Waved Albatross from the Galapagos Islands.

The Seabird Bycatch Project Important information on the threats posed to seabirds through unregulated commercial fishing. Special emphasis is given to albatrosses and the Marbled Murrelet.

The Incidental Mortality of Albatrosses in Longline Fisheries Account of First International Conference on the Biology and Conservation of Albatrosses Hobart Australia - September1995.

Birdlife International's Seabird Conservation Programme Important information of bycatch control.

The Pacific Seabird Group Posts meeting and events organized by the PSG, a society of professional seabird researchers and managers dedicated to the study and conservation of seabirds.

Sustainable Ecosystems Institute (SEI) Has a web page describing the breeding biology and conservation status of the Marbled Murrelet.

Rare Birds of the World Database of endangered birds.


Birding Hotspots Around the World Awesome collection of bookmarks and photos from Tina MacDonald. Combines regional pages with carefully selected photos.

Urs Geiser's International Trip Report Collection

Travel Reports posted to EuroBirdNet Compiled by Alain Chappuis.

John Wall's WorldTwitch site Detailed accounts of birding trips to some of the more difficult parts of the world in search of elusive species. Lots of excellent links.

NBHC Birding Trip Reports Searchable archives of the NBHC Birdtrip newsgroup.

Other Sites of Interest

Distance from A to B Calculates distance between two points.

US National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Home Page. Links to useful fisheries, hurricane, climate and environmental sites.

Tide Predictor

Ocean conditions data NOAA's interactive site with offshore buoy data.

Remote Imaging data on water temperatures.

Oceans from Space Interesting archive of satellite images showing the oceans of the world. Highlighting plankton blooms, upwellings, Saharan dust storms etc.

The South Atlantic & Sub-Antarctic Islands Home Page Paul Carroll's guide to the island groups of the South Atlantic. The albatrosses on the front page seem to be Black-browed Albatross and not Wandering Albatross as stated. See also his Marion Island page.

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