Flesh-footed Shearwater (Puffinus carneipes)


Two subspecies recognized:
P. c. carneipes - Indian Ocean and western Australia
P. c. hullianus - Eastern Australia and New Zealand

Also known as Fleshy-footed Petrel, Fleshy-footed Shearwater, Big Muttonbird, Lord Howe Muttonbird or Pale-footed Shearwater.


Where and When

Nominate subspecies carneipes breeds on St Paul Island in the Indian Ocean as well as islands off the south coast of western Australia from Cape Leeuwin to the Recherche Archipelago. The other subspecies hullianus breeds on Lord Howe Island and on a number of offshore islands in New Zealand including several in the Hauraki Gulf, off Taranaki and in the Cook Strait.

Photographs on the web

In flight showing uppersurface and head Taken by Tony Palliser off Wollongong in March.

Another superimage of a bird on the water. Taken by Tony Palliser off Sydney in December.


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