Guadalupe Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma macrodactyla)



Sadly presumed EXTINCT. Last reported in August1912 (see Davidson, 1928).


A large fork-tailed Storm-petrel resembling the intermediate morph of Leach's Storm-petrel. Blackish brown overall with a pale gray upperwing bar. Whitish uppertail covert patch tipped with black, mottled dark at the base and with a partial dusky median stripe. The white extends onto the lateral tail coverts (Howell and Webb, 1995).

Where and When

Formerly bred commonly on Guadalupe Island off Mexico. Used burrows in pine-oak and cypress groves at the northern end of the island. Feral cat predation is thought to be the cause for the extinction. Howell and Webb expressed the hope that a few remain on some poorly explored part of the rugged island. Not known away from the island.Click here to view a very optimistic range map!!!

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Howell, S.N.G. and Webb, S. (1995) A Guide The birds of Mexico and Northern Central America. Oxford University Press.

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