Masked Booby (Sula dactylatra)


Four subspecies currently recognized:
S. d. dactylatra
S. d. melanops
S. d. personata
S. d. fullagari

Also known as Blue-faced Booby or White Booby


Where and When

Click here to view a range map for the Caribbean and central America.

Photographs on the web

Interesting series of two subadults from Gulf of Mexico, off Texas Photos and comments by Martin Reid.

Two birds on the water in Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana . Photos by Dave Patton.

Small series from Gulf of Mexico off Louisina. Photos by John Sevenair

Small series from Hawaii. Photos by Gina Reppucci and Ron LeValley

Subadult in flight off California. Photo by Shauna Bingham and posted by the California Bird Records Committee site.

Subadult from California. Ventura County California in Jan 1997. Photos by Dan Guthrie and Don DesJardin. Posted by the California Bird Records Committee site.

Nesting adults. Photo by Chan Robbins, location unknown.

Nesting adults. Photo by Brad Bergstrom, location unknown.">Adult with chick Photo by John Chardine taken on Cayo Alcarraza, Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Nice detail of head and bills of adults on Galapagos. Photo by Deb Kumar Roy.

Subadult Photographed at Galverston, Texas by David Sarkozi

Small series from the Galapagos Photographs by Sylvie Defretin and Philippe Billen.

Series of adults and chicks From multiple locations? Photos by Phillip Colla.


Don Roberson (1998) Sulids Unmasked: which large booby reaches California. Field Notes 52: 276-287

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